I Know I Play Like a Girl. Try and Keep Up.

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Have you ever noticed how men's volleyball is so sloppy compared to women's volleyball? 

This is because boys tend to focus the most on being athletic when they play. Boys tend to not be concerned about fundamentals.

This is the big difference between women's and men's volleyball. 

The women tend to stick to the fundamentals, with teams focusing on passing and movement off the ball. This is where there are greater opportunities for the team to find success.

Girls are often perceived to be not as “good” as the boys, citing reasons that include the speed of play being slower, girls not jumping as high and hitting the ball has hard.

We live in a culture in which women’s perspectives and abilities are often undermined because they are different. But since when does different mean worse?

In our society we need to start accepting things for what they are and not what we expect them to be. It is the nuances of women’s athletics that are interesting and make them just as exciting as men’s. 

Here’s what you can expect from this popular tee:

  • Bella and Canvas (That means it's extra soft).

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